My sweet little house
In early 2015, I realized for many undeniable reasons, within and without any
doubt, I needed to leave Seattle, the city I was born in back in 1962. After a
number of weeks of looking in areas to the east and northeast, I decided to
aim south and southwest. As this process played out, I found myself heading
towards a very small town I was told about along the way. I noticed on my
initial drive to this little town, that as I was getting closer, the last few miles of
scenery had a calming effect on me, and I felt a sense of a calling.

I arrived in town in the late afternoon, talked to a few people I met, asking if
they knew of any fixer upper properties for sale, or sitting empty. As dusk was
turning to darkness, I drove around the corner of an alley, and laid eyes on
this little house, that had obviously been sitting empty and neglected for some
time. As I drove around the back of this house, I parked my car just a few
yards past, on the side of the alley as it turned the corner back northbound.
Before I walked back around the corner to check the house out, I got my video
camera out to record this event. At this point, the video I shot, is on the hard
drive of my former computer, which crashed a few weeks later. I am hoping to
be able to salvage the data on the hard drive eventually, and if I can retrieve
this video, I will add it to this documentary.

The picture on this website with the potential face, was taken on one of the
earliest multiple return trips I'd been on, in order to see how in the world I
could purchase this little house, that I had instantly fallen in love with. Upon
looking at the pictures I'd taken, this potential face jumped out at me more and
more every time I'd looked at it. In looking at this image, I got that feeling I
attribute to spiritual manifestations. It was weeks later, after many agonizing
hours of fighting very hard to find a way to be able to purchase this house,
things in this saga really expanded.  The process and story behind this is
quite involved and complex, so I will not bother writing about most of this here.

As I started to say a moment ago, it was many weeks later, when I finally was
directed by my angel of an attorney, Carole, to be able to enter the house
through a window I had managed to open. During the multiple month process
of private investigation and legal procedures, I learned that this little house
was left abandoned three years earlier, by the man who owned it upon his
death. This man died a few months after his wife had died. There was a
substantial mortgage on the house still owed as it turned out, no will had been
written, so the surviving family members who all lived out of state, had no
interest in the property, and this little house was left abandoned in the
condition you see in the picture, for three years by the time I'd found it.

On my second time of being able to enter the house, I was accompanied by a
woman I had met by ' chance ', during one of my earlier trips back to this little
town, before I'd learned about the ownership status of the house, where I was
literally asking people on the street if they knew anything about this property.
Pam, the woman who lives two blocks away from this house, would be my first
lucky break in this case. She had worked for the deceased married couple,
helping them with house cleaning and other things. Pam was able to put me
directly in touch with the man's brother in California, which was the turning
point in getting past the mortgage bank I'd learned early on held a mortgage,
who by law, could not even discuss the property with me.

Back to the second time I was in the house now, where Pam had
accompanied me in looking the conditions over inside the house. In the back
bedroom, which is the room I am in at this very moment typing this out, I found
a picture on the floor of a couple of men. Pam told me that these two men
were of Bruce, the deceased former owner, and of his brother Archie, who
lives in California. In my impressions and perceptions, there is a very strong
resemblance to Bruce's face in this picture that we'd found, and this potential
facial manifestation highlighted in the picture of the front of this house. BTW,
my audio-psychic signal tower station, is now set up inside this front corner
bedroom window, just feet away from where this potential facial manifestation
had occurred.