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hear an excerpt of my Rense
interview, where this cat speaks.
Brian A. Jones
Regarding this image below... look carefully and see if you perceive the likeness
of a face anywhere in this picture. ... If you'd like to see the spot I consider an
expression of spiritual energies manifesting as a face, place your cursor over this
image below. If you really want a better look at it, download the picture to your
computer and expand it using such a program. I think it really stands out this way!
Audio presentation of an overview of
what I'm up to, and why I'm up to it.
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Posted Oct. 18, 2015 ... ( 2 1/4 hours )
03-10-16   Thank you G.S. !
I continually contemplate this
quote, purportedly coined by
John Lennon :

" Reality leaves a lot to the
imagination "

My imagination is influenced by
my personal experience. My
ambitions are inspired by my
imagination !
Brian Jones
I can analyze audio for you, coach you with
conducting your own experimentation, or
using ' Goldwave ' to edit and create your
own audio presentations .... or ?, you tell me !
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