Do human energies effect electronic devices ? ...Cont.
The next second after I'd replied, his face changed dramatically in expression, as if
he'd felt some of the blast of directional change of consciousness which hit me. A
fraction of a second later, his face changed even more drastically, as he looked at
the sales slip he was handing me. He very uneasily said, while obviously feeling a
little spooked, something to the effect of, ' whoa, that is really strange '. He then
pointed out to me that a portion of the text on the sales slip, had printed out
' backwards ', and within another second or two, his register crashed to the point that
it had completely shut down. I left to head home, and at the precise instant that I had
walked past the next register on the way to the door, it crashed as well. There was
one more register in operation at that moment, which also crashed at the very
moment I walked near it. The sales slip that you see posted in the center below this
article, is this very exhibit of the event that I just wrote about !