Can useful information be accessed from animals,
using audio-psychic reception ?
In answer to the question formed in the title of this article, based on my personal
experience of using this particular approach for many years, my answer is yes, and I
will explain why I think such a thing is possible.  I am going to focus on a single point of
study with a dog I'd acknowledged vaguely, prior to the time that I conducted a very
short audio recording of his voice. As I asked him a question, this dog was fenced in a
back yard down my alley, in my old neighborhood. I'd walked by him a number of
times, probably said hi to him, but never really had stopped. The last few times I'd
walked by, I started picking up on the fact that this dog was a bit nervous, and I got the
feeling he wanted to tell me something.

Up to and beyond the time that I'd gone down and recorded him, I had absolutely no
reference of who the people were that lived in the house, or what they looked like. My
main drive in wanting to record him, was my strong impression that he was upset and
nervous, and seemed to have something on his mind that he wanted me to know. At
least these are the impressions I formed from observing him as I walked by. When I
finally did record his voice, the recording was very short, and I simply asked him if he
was going to tell me what was on his mind. At the moment I asked him my question, he
did immediately offer some seemingly dramatic vocal energies. I took this very short
recording home and dissected it under the audio-microscope, using one of my audio
editing programs, on my desktop computer. Once again, I was not at all surprised to
perceive that there was a very likely nugget of profound information present, carried
within the sound frequencies of his voice.

What immediately caught my attention, was a potential word, actually a potential
name, which was formed grammatically backwards, within these captured energies of
sound. Although it was this potential name that jumped out at me in the reverse play of
this audio track, I also noticed that the directionally opposite mirror of this, audible in
the forward playing of the sound track, was also a potential word. Like so many other
potential messages I've documented from analyzing audio in dual direction, the two
opposite directions of potential words, came together, to expand the potentially
specific informational expression. In this case, the forward playing of the potential
backwards formation of the verbal articulation of the name ' Sheila ', came out to
sound like the word ' where's ', as in ' where is '.

At the time I'd recorded this dog, it seemed apparent to me, that no one was home
inside the house. I base this assumption on the fact that I had noticed previously on a
number of occasions, that the driveway in the back yard this dog was penned in by the
fence, was often occupied by a car, so I was assuming the people may have indeed
been out at that time. Back to the dissection and editing perceptions I'd decided on
with this audio track. I spliced the two directions of extracted audio with the backwards
pasted onto the tail end of the forward. In this case, my perceptions of this expanded
potential anomalous verbal message was ' where's Sheila. ' Considering my over all
impressions, I was very much wondering if there was a woman who lived there named
Sheila. I made a point of walking by this property many times over the next few days,
hoping to see someone in the yard, or pulling up in the car. Sure enough, within a few
days, I met a woman who lived there by herself with this dog. Yes, her name was
Sheila. She told me the dog's name was Amigo.

Here now are two sound files of the actual audio recording that I'd dissected and
analyzed to come up with my perceptions. At the risk of over-emphasizing my
perceptions ( for damn good reason ) I perceived and documented my impressions
that this dog did tell me what was on his mind. I took it that he was very concerned
about where Sheila was. I documented the name Sheila, with no standard knowledge
of this name, or who lived in the house. I validated my perceptions of this very name ..
( after the fact ), when I met the woman who lived there, and who stated that her name
was Sheila. Here are a couple of sound files to back up what I just spelled out.
This first one is the full track ...
This one is the D.D. extraction at 3 speeds ...