Does the universe respond to personal consciousness ?
I simply would like to once again share with you, some facts backed up by evidence.
On a single day not too long ago, I had ' one of those days ', where strong
circumstances happened back to back, and in my case, I was not only paying
attention, I was documenting some of these things ! For roughly a year and a half
leading up to this day, I had been studying much on the subject that many call the '
Law of Attraction ' ( L.O.A. ).  What prompted me to go and study much of the L.O.A.,
mainly on Youtube, was the fact that I was constantly in a hellish level of anxiety due
to lack of money.

Well it's far more than true in my personal case, my extreme complications
energetically, along with sensitivities and hyper mentality, were definitely interfering
with the basics of being able to deal with earning an income. Faced with this personal
condition since probably before I was an infant in a crib, I was forced to approach this
mandatory aspect of life by pursuing answers along the lines of this study. Because
obtaining money was my immediate concern, I began repeatedly watching videos
designed to program the unconscious mind, to draw in money. I had been advertising
many of my personal possessions for sale on craigslist for many months, and I
literally was getting no responses, chronically for many weeks leading up my starting
to watch these videos day after day.

Along with watching these videos, I also was paying attention to my internal dialog
and attitudes toward myself and others, following the teachings of a number of people
professing what they claimed, caused the effects of what will come back
circumstantially. I also noticed that it seemed, the claim that it was necessary to build
up momentum of sorts, by repeatedly watching these videos until an influence of
specific attitude and belief was putting out a conducive signal for the universe to
answer, seemed to be a possibility. I will simply say that after a couple of weeks or so
of really applying myself, with much effort to pay attention to these points I'd learned
of, my phone began to ring with a somewhat startling increase, and I began selling
the very same items I'd been advertising for months in many cases. I will admit, this
did actually shake me up a bit, and I felt more than a little uneasy to think that I
potentially possessed this power, and the responsibility for using it.

I will jump ahead in order to get to the focal points of a certain day, where a string of
profound and potent circumstances came my way. This day I was proactive enough
to be quite energetically present, and focused enough to bring my verbalized
thoughts and mental projections back under the audio-microscope, along with the
lens of my video camera. In living through the stress of my life and extremely chronic
insomnia that I've been plagued with since I was in my crib as a baby, I will admit, my
attitude had been quite negative and ugly for the past few days leading up to the very
day I am going to present to you. Looking back now, I consider this unpleasant period
quite a blessing, in my being able to present  this historic moment of my life in this
article, and supplemental exhibits.

I started my day waking up in this unpleasant state of mind and attitude, going
through the motions of doing what I needed to do, moment by moment. As I
remember, my first task was to drive out to West Seattle to take care of an errand, so
I left home to get in my car to make the drive to West Seattle. Upon approaching my
car, which at the time, was a small Toyota station wagon, within the first few seconds,
I noticed that someone had bashed the rear window out of the tailgate, and even
though this was an unsuspected kick in the gut surprise, it was the second time such
a violation had occurred to me in the period of three months. I won't bother describing
the first time, but I will say that it caused me to contemplate what I might have been
putting out to have such a strong personal impact come my way.

Back now to the morning of finding my Toyota's rear glass smashed out. I
immediately decided that I was going to deeply and sincerely approach this as a
learning opportunity, by deliberately considering the potential that I had drawn this
into my life, by my freewill, choice of attitude, and energetic output of expression.
Based on the concepts I'd been working to understand in the area of L.O.A., this very
much did make sense to me. I drove out to West Seattle, breathing my car's exhaust
fumes, which were pulled into the car interior with the vacuum caused by the
shattered rear hatch window, now having been fully removed. I guess you could say I
was approaching this experience by ' sucking it up '  in more ways than one.

After I'd conducted my primary business out in West Seattle, I decided to have lunch
at a Teriyaki restaurant, which is in this neighborhood, that I liked to go to
occasionally. As this day was unfolding, I was making a very strong conscious effort
to focus my intentions to wanting to learn in any way I could, how much of this event
of the window having been smashed out, might be a reaction or effect, to my personal
attitudes, focus of thought, and even more specifically, the state of unpleasant
emotions, that I'd been experiencing for the past couple of days especially. As I ate
my lunch, I put much energy into having a strong dialog internally, asking questions of
wanting some sort of confirmation, that I was part of this potential dynamic process, if
indeed this is what was happening.

In this particular Teriyaki restaurant, and as I think of it, no others that I am aware of,
the owners offer their customers a fortune cookie at the end of the meal. I had been
really pushing my concentration and energies all morning, to ask for answers to my
deep question, about potential ' cause and effect ' along these lines, and as the
woman was handing me my fortune cookie, I stepped up my focused intention on this
question. I focused on this to where I literally pushed the request, speaking very
assertively internally, to please have my suspicions confirmed that we do have a
hand in such things. I aimed this built up mental focus, directly upon the fortune I was
about to read. The directness of what was written on my cookie's fortune, was far
more direct than I usually get in fortune cookies. Considering what I had experienced
finding my car in vandalized condition, my overall bizarre life experience, I was not
surprised to read this in my fortune this day. It read : ' Life is a mirror, it reflects back
what it is shown '
After lunch, I decided to drive down to the shoreline, parked just a mile or so south
around the bend from Alki Point, in order to contemplate this further. I listened to an
audio presentation that I'd been studying many times, which addresses the very issue
of ' manifesting ' circumstantial reality through specific exercises of focused attitude,
spoken words, and certain emotional states. As I contemplated these teachings,
along with what I'd been working at, and witnessing for the past two years, it came to
me that ' being ' was more the target, rather than ' doing '. I thought this over for
awhile, and decided that it would be quite directly helpful, for me to strengthen my
resolve in the state of mind of being, concentrating on this, by backing my focused
intention up in my own spoken words. To take this action to a higher level, I decided
to call my home answering machine to record my statement, while it was strong in my
mind, and since I didn't have an audio recorder with me, it made complete sense for
me to make this call.

After leaving this phone message, and having just spent the past three hours putting
much energy into this morning's lessons, I decided to let it all go and relax for a few
minutes, while looking out over Puget Sound from this area of West Seattle. This
location is one which had been one of my favorite places to go for years, to observe
my own personal form of meditation, contemplation, and the closest I had been able
to come, to the notion of relaxation. Not long later, I decided to brave my newly
delivered mobile exhaust gas chamber, and head back home to get a replacement
glass out of a spare tailgate hatch, which I already had in my back yard, from another
complete Toyota I had parted out a few years earlier. As this day would reflect,
strangeness was waiting for me back at home, in the kitchen of my house. Please
have a look at this short video linked below this paragraph, by clicking on the picture
of the old fashioned movie camera. ( Note : the music was a quick remedy that
Youtube offered for me, I used in order to block out my initial verbal commentary,
spoken in the state I was in at that moment )