Does the universe respond to personal consciousness ? ...Cont.
I'd like to point this out. I NEVER had an issue with bees before, or after this event !
After I'd dealt with removing the bees carefully, putting them all outside, though I did
find many later throughout the cupboard cabinet just to the left of the sink. I, a few
minutes later, remembered that I'd left myself a verbal message on my answering
machine, which I had done with the intention of possibly having more clues from my
unconscious mind, by later dissecting my words, and analyzing the audio recording in
dual direction. Here now is an excerpt of my phone message to myself, and I will spell
it out word for word... it's rough audio quality, but easy enough to make out I think.

" No more screwin around, it is go time, it is, it is be time, I am now "   ................

Now I'd like to isolate just this one bit of  " it is be time "   ....................................

Think about the pinpoint of wording that I used to drive my point home of ' Being ' the
power of my intention in the Now moment '. Notice in the full clip's written transcript,
The word '
now ' came just three words after the ' be time ' words of the statement, as
in the old concept of ' being here now '. What about the fact that when all my energy
focused on this single concept while deeply asking for validation that I was creating
my own physical reality, about the same time, this bizarre manifestation was occurring
in my kitchen sink..... could '
Bee ' time have been a ' message ' from the larger
consciousness of creation, that yes indeed, we do create our own world on the
physical plane through our own consciousness ?? I'll admit, yes, I do think so, and this
wasn't my first time to the audio-psychic rodeo !

Just one more point before I conclude this article. In playing the ' it is be time ' in
reverse, I perceive another very pertinent statement. In this case, another ' I '
statement. What I hear of this is ' Now I heed this '. I have presented this particular last
sample as follows. First, the ' now I heed this ' played at three speeds. Secondly, this
exact file inverted back to the forward words which formed it as a mirror of
' it is be time '. Thirdly, the reverse played three more times. Here is the file   .....  

Not only do I heed the very focal point and concept of this state of ' being here now ', I
also realize, it is the bullseye of one's own power, and do notice, the expression of the
' now ' referenced in the reverse, which is a parallel with the forward. I was going to
say ' don't try this at home ', but maybe that's not an option, even if you are across the
water from home when you do ~\~
  Brian A. Jones  Nov. 2015