Audio / Video Presentations
In March of 2013, this episode of Jolyon Jenkin's BBC radio program
' Out of the Ordinary ' was originally aired.  The production presented
a very strong case for skeptical thinking when it comes to evp and
related phenomena, and I agree that much of it is quite defective in
regards to how people directly involved ( and critiquing this ) perceive
these phenomena. Mr. Jenkins included a few minutes of our
interview in the last five minutes or so ....( 28 minutes )
This audio file is the ( 37 minute ) recording of my side of the
interview between Jolyon Jenkins and myself. Mr. Jenkins asked me
to do this in high quality, so he could edit it for the program
presented in the preceding audio file. I have a few impressions after
the fact. I will offer some of these and more next, in a following audio
Here are the comments I just eluded to.
Just to show you that I can laugh at myself and this
ultra-challenging endeavor and topic, I put this
together after many years of observation, and
endurance of many things... BTW, the repeated file is
one of the countless thousands of samples I've
documented through my I.T.C. experimentation !
For those of you who really have a passion for the desire
to understand more about the nature, or super-nature of
the human mind, I highly recommend these two parts of
the same story about a real life man during the end of
world war II. This is a rough Youtube copy of the classic
television show ' One Step Beyond ', but well worth it !
I just found this relic episode of the mid-fifties television
series ' Science Fiction Theater '. I recommend viewing of
the opening. You may decide to watch the entire show 22m.
I'd like to point out a very common trait with my
audio-psychic recording sessions. I've noticed that
when I do have what strongly appears to be
interactive connection, based on what manifests, and
is audible on playback. The potential responses occur
Immediately after I pose my question or comment !
What I hear of this dual direction edit is :

" they love ya - over here "