Potential  spirit messages
from the late John Lennon ?
I am NOT claiming that any of these audio samples on this
page are indeed messages from the spirit of
the late John Lennon, but I am not ruling it out either !  
Click on pictures to enlarge
Somewhere around the year 2003, I had my
first electric guitar, and this amp. to the left was
my very first guitar amp. Click on the speaker
to hear of something I documented at that time.
On a Christmas night somewhere around 2004
or 2005, I'd finished building the instrument
you see to the left, after putting in about
fourteen or fifteen hours that day. Click on the
speaker to hear something profound from the
very first use of this instrument.
This neat old brick encased steel water tower has been a part of
my life since I was very young. It is located in Volunteer Park on
Seattle's central Capitol Hill. I will tell you a short story with
another audio capture pertaining to John Lennon.
This beach is on the coast of Puget Sound in
North Seattle, just across the train tracks from  
Carkeek Park. Click on the speaker to hear
something documented on this very beach.