Introducing ST mini
I have just put this audio-psychic instrumental setup together.
Though she is in her initial phase, meaning I have enhancements in
mind already I intend to add, I am quite pleased with the interactive
performance I am witnessing already ! I think I am going to be storing
the original ST ( signal tower ) in my attic, in order to gain more open
space in the living areas of my house.

This new setup is proving to be a viable portal for receiving
inter-dimensional spiritual information, which after all, is what my
mission is all about. Just a quick ( rough ) audio sample. I had just
been asking for support and encouragement to keep on with this
highly challenging endeavor, during one of my very first recording
sessions using this new approach. The way I take this, is that I am
being encouraged to continue. What I perceive of this message :

' go forward - your work will pay '   .................................................
possibly morphing into ' go forward - you'll work with pay ' )
Either way, this would be the absolute opposite of the past nineteen years !