Quotes from the Tower
These short quotes were perceived as audio-psychic signals
through recording sessions of the signal tower. Many of these
manifest seemingly at random, though some strongly seem
like concepts which fit my own personal path of seeking
answers. As with these type of short quotes, I suppose like all
things, maybe to a higher degree, these will mean different
things to different people.
Brian Jones Feb. 26, 2014
Love your hate
You're connected - in future time
See a power - draw a bliss
Brian differ - from your chaos
I talk with you - I get no fear
I talk with a sigh - your demons are cooked
I do play - of the tower
you're contacting us - in the proper time
I demon - knock me down
ye are doing the good - of today Brian
life is a problem - love is a cure
tonight's been so providing - love is in the tower