Do human energies effect electronic devices ?
I ask this question because I think I've seen far too many potent momentarily
pinpointed ' coincidences ', for me not to strongly suspect that we do. In fact, in my
personal case, I think this phenomenon extends to other more organic non-electronic
physical matter as well. Rather than write out a number of the countless examples I've
got in my memory banks, I will focus on one example, that I happen to have an exhibit
of physical evidence for. As I've stated, I began my audio analysis work back in 1997,
as a direct result of hearing the topic, along with many examples of, what was termed
' reverse speech ' , discussed on Art Bell's program.

I was immediately and extremely drawn into such a profound phenomenon with such
huge implications and potential. Most enticingly, was the fact that it was something I
could explore very personally, on my own, with readily available equipment, to prove
to myself one way or another, if it was real or not. About two months into extremely
vigorous study and personal development, through many strong moments of doubt in
my own reasoning abilities, I finally was ready to start being more open to
ascertaining whether or not I could honestly convince myself very carefully, through a
hard earned theme of compelling accurate information, accessed and verified, which
would show that this phenomenon was quite real.

I went on a mission to share this amazing practice with others, who would surely want
to know how to give voice to an honest level of expression, cutting through the fog of
human conditioning of suppressing the truth, as so many people do. I make this
assertion,  following years of witnessing up close, the very present characteristic of
modern society I've lived with throughout my life. To say I magnificently overestimated
my fellow humans wanting to embrace this, is an understatement of epic proportions.
Somewhere about sixteen months into my very committed and passionate work in
tuning into energies within captured audio signals, I began to pay more and more
attention to the faint ' voices '  e.v.p. ( electronic voice phenomenon ), to the point
where I started moving away slightly from studying the voice recordings of incarnate
human beings.

With internet access, I had a vast library of material to study regarding e.v.p., and
soon after, i.t.c. ( instrumental transcommunication ). I'd just like to point out, I
personally was, and am quite driven in this area, because I'd sure like to know more
about energies and consciousness that I am convinced, is not only all around us
constantly, but I am also convinced that we can and do interact with these unseen
realities, whether we want to or not. I will purposely break away from sharing my
observations and contemplation upon the idea, that we do interact with realms or
dimensions operating outside of the constraining notion of linear time, a notion
accepted by most as being a solid law of the universe. I've got plenty more to say
about that, and it is one of my burning questions. I am very driven, to access
information in experimental ways, in efforts to go around the likely illusion, to gain
understanding of how these things work. Above all else with any of my audio-psychic
work, it is to see how to possibly make it work deliberately for positive results, for
people, animals and other things, right here, right now.

So the example story I'd like to share with you, occurred on the evening of August
26,1998, in Lake City, part of north Seattle.  I remember this day and evening quite
well. It was one of those really ' manic ' times, and I was just starting to turn my
excessive attention, to the challenge of doing whatever I could do, in the form of
communication with what would seem like non-physical entities or spirits, uniquely
observed through audio recordings. One of my primary objectives, if not thee primary
objective, was to bring through these potential messages, or signals, to such a
degree, that others would be able to witness this first hand and personally, with their
own sense of physical hearing. I had been out collecting all types of electronic
devices to modify, alter, and creatively operate, in order to facilitate these potential '
signals ', and in the early evening, I ended up doing the same at the Value Village
thrift store in Lake City, looking for more of the same.

I found myself at the west wall of the store, looking through the many clear sealed
plastic bags they had hanging on hooks, which contained all kinds of small relic
electronic items. As I was looking through these bags, very highly charged up
mentally, I remember clearly, a young man who worked at the store, came  over and
asked me if I needed any help finding anything. I was quite engaged in looking
through the bags with much excitement, and really didn't need any help, but thought it
was quite friendly of him to come over and ask. I've been quite a loner in my own
ways of thinking my entire life, and as I've tried to have conversations with others
which they can't compute, I've gotten quite accustomed to being this way. The fact
that this young man seemed to have a real interest, and as I was thinking, a curiosity,
as he seemed to be present as I was telling him of my experimental work, I consider it
quite understandable that I would be a little hyper-energetic, in telling someone who
seemed to be at least listening.

I will have to admit, I was paying far more attention to what I was saying to him,
focusing mainly in this particular instance, telling him of my initial discovery process of
the naturally occurring backwards speech. I told him of many points about how viable
it is for accessing information, than actually giving him any of my attention. I was
really quite surprised when he didn't freeze up like most people upon being presented
with this topic, and that even though he wasn't really asking any questions, he
actually had stayed there for a few minutes, before he said he had to get back to his
register. That may not seem like much to you, but I can tell you, just about 99.9% of
people I've tried to talk to about this one topic, get very uncomfortable, and usually
get quiet quick, and or are gone before you know it.  

A few minutes later, I had picked out a couple of things I wanted to buy, so it was time
to pay for them, and get the heck out of there. As I was waiting in line, with one or two
people in front of me in this particular line, I noticed that it was the same young man
operating the register, who had shown me a few minutes of very rare presence a
moment before. As I came up to my turn to check out, I said hello to him, he was
chatting back to me. A moment or so later, it became mighty obvious to me, that I had
been far more involved in my own dialog, than I was with a mutual conversation, than
I was even slightly aware of.

Right after I'd handed him the items to ring up, all of a sudden he broke through my
self absorbed manic state of mind, by blurting out a statement that took me by total
surprise, and literally zapped me back down to the moment of being much more
present. He said, " obviously, I'm asking you for a date ". When this statement woke
me out of my manic otherwise absorbed state, it hit me like a hammer, and I said back
to him, thank you for asking, but I don't date men. It was a bit of an awkward moment
for both of us in a flash, but it wasn't so much of an outward expression I didn't think. I
know I sure felt a kind of energetic whiplash at the moment he made his comment,
and I think he felt it also. At the very moment when I shifted my focus to his focal
point, which I had been absolutely oblivious to, it is what happened next, that is the
sole reason I am writing about this experience.